Responsive. When you choose an insurance partner, there are likely two qualities that affect your decision most heavily - responsiveness and reliability. Griffin prides itself in both. All of our technology choices in recent years have been made with a goal of those two qualities in mind. The advantages of our paperless system have been invaluable, which you, our customer, can tell first-hand when you call for information on a policy. As long as you can provide us a name or policy number, we can have the information you need at our fingertips in a matter of seconds. This not only helps us service our customers more efficiently, but it streamlines all our processes, making our turn-around time for requests something to be proud of.

Innovative. But what if you simply can't wait? Then quote online! Griffin has developed most of our Personal Lines, Earthquake, and Artisan Contractor products written with our London markets into online tools that may be quoted AND BOUND in a matter of minutes. For those products that haven't been developed in-house, we have Carrier partners that have provided us with their own online quoting abilities. We're proud to announce over 40 products are now available for quoting online! But if you're concerned that all these online tools may cause us to lose our personal touch - not to worry. The online tools are merely offered as a convenience for your 24/7 quoting needs; by no means is online quoting required.

Dependable. Perhaps one of the most important steps our Technology Department has taken is the development of a fully redundant database and system located in a different geographic region, so that no matter what happens to our office or our region as a whole, we will always be able to access our insured's data and provide the claims service that is so necessary in the event of a disaster. We want you to rest easy, knowing that you've placed your insured with an MGA that is reliable and able to help when help is needed most.

Secure. With identity theft on the rise and everyone concerned with the protection of their private data, you can rest assured that Griffin is equally as concerned. Our database is guarded by frequently updated firewall security and a solid password protection strategy. Internally, sensitive electronic files are viewable only by authorized personnel and our company procedures require all waste paper to be shredded. All employees strictly abide by all privacy laws governing the divulgence of data.

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