Founded in 1928, Griffin Underwriting Services has an esteemed track record as a recognized personal and commercial insurance resource, providing a variety of underwriting services for the property and casualty insurance industry.

The company, headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, is licensed to underwrite insurance nationwide. Griffin was one of the first Surplus Line brokers in the region to be granted binding authority by Lloyd's of London. Currently, approximately 6,500 retail producers utilize our full portfolio of products, including:

  • Brokerage
  • Earthquake/DIC
  • Personal Lines
  • Pollution
  • Professional Lines
  • Property & Casualty
  • Surety
  • Transportation/Commercial Auto
  • Yacht

With the reliability and heritage of a large general agency coupled with the personal service of a family-owned business, Griffin Underwriting Services provides a broad array of solutions across most all product lines.

Our dedication to service and quality is unsurpassed. Like you, we value security. As such, all of the markets we regularly use are Best's A- rated or better. And we make it easy for you. With online tools like IQ (Internet Quoting), many lines written by our office are automated with our proprietary software. This automation enables us to indicate, quote and bind policies online - saving you time, money, and redundancies.

Yet our service is not limited to our solutions. We apply the same levels of dedication, professionalism, and quality to our people as we do to our products. Our complete team of executives, managers, underwriters and staff is available at your fingertips. We make certain of it by providing contact information for the entire group right here. So feel free to drop us a line.

Griffin Underwriting Services is a proud member of AAMGA, NAPSLO and USAA, and has been an associate member of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers, and Professional Insurance Agents Associations for many years.

2375 130th Ave NE, Ste 200
Bellevue, WA 98005
P: 800.562.8095
P: 425.453.8599
F: 425.453.8696
[Oregon P&C Only]

6645 NE 78th Ct, Ste C5   
Portland, OR 97218
P: 866.528.2918   
F: 425.453.8696
[Storage Tank Liability Only]

200 N. Argonne Rd, Ste B
Spokane Valley, WA 99212
P: 877.922.8700   
F: 425.453.8696

P.O. Box 3867 Bellevue, WA 98009


"Wow, you are truly amazing.  Not just blowing smoke here!...The attention you show our agency for the benefit of all our clients reinforces why my agency values greatly the relationship with you and your firm."
S.H., Spanaway, WA

"Just wanted you to know that I have had nothing but good experiences with [our underwriting contacts at GUS].  Between the two of them, I am more inclined to submit accounts to Griffin than anyone else.  The response time to my requests for quotes and endorsements is much superior to anyone else that I work with.  ....I look for coverages and response time, and so far, Griffin has the top spot with our agency from all the GA's that we deal with.  Thank you and your extremely competent staff for making our job easier and looking good to our clients!!!"
B.K., Olympia, WA

"You guys are trying your best to make it easy for us to do business with you.  I must confirm that it is working for me!"
H.Y., Tacoma, WA

"Thanks for getting back with me so quickly and answering all my little questions!  I appreciate the great service!"
M.R., Bend, OR

"Just a quick note to let you know how much I love working with [our Underwriting Assistant at GUS]!  She gets every request I send taken care of promptly and correctly.  I have never once had a poor experience working with her, and I believe she's the only rep at any GA that I can say that about.  Every time I get a cert or an endorsement back so fast I am pleased again and say "I love [her]!  She is so on-the-ball!"...She's awesome!"
A.K., Kirkland, WA

"Thank you for working with me so quickly on this one to pull it together. You're one of the BEST, and I trust that!!  Rush on some others' parts is by no means a 'rush'."
B.B., Portland, OR

"Thanks! We are always remarking about how Griffin has the best and quickest service of all our commercial carriers!"
M.D., Federal Way, WA

"Griffin Underwriting's remarkable service is nothing short of phenomenal.  Your speed, accuracy, courtesy, and attention to detail are clearly place you in a different league from your competition.  You may not always have the best market for a particular risk - for one reason or another, but in all of the other important areas you folks really shine.  There have been times when I will divert business to you when I know there are other, perhaps less expensive markets available - just because of your outstanding service.  I just want you to know that I appreciate the efforts that you put forth.  Thanks again to all of you!"
K.H., Port Angeles, WA

"Thank you again;  you guys are so easy to work with!"
T.S., Everett, WA

"Thank you so much.  It is becoming a rare and lovely experience to have such prompt and accurate response as we get with Griffin!  With many other brokers and companies we are constantly being frustrated with slooooow, inaccurate work, accompanied by a careless attitude, which makes it really hard to get and keep clients!  THANK YOU!"
M.L., Blaine, WA

"I don't know who does the hiring over there at Griffin, but whoever it is deserves a big pat on the back.  I have yet to run into a Griffin employee that wasn't helpful and courteous and a joy to work with!"
J.V., Vancouver, WA

"Thanks for your very quick work in quoting the above account!  ...Again, super service from GUS!!!"
J.T., Portland, OR

".....what an AWESOME underwriter [we have with you].  She is knowledgeable, FAST, friendly - always!  We really appreciate having her, and because of her, Griffin Underwriting is always my first choice of MGA."
J.E., Olympia, WA

"Thank you for the quotation.  I LOVE working with you and the others at Griffin! I wish it was easier with other companies. All the best!"
G.T., Seattle, WA

"Thank you for such prompt response in quoting this risk. Your service is so far superior to that of the broker through which this risk was previously placed."
G.V., Enumclaw, WA

"Muy rapido! You are too efficient."
E.R., Tigard, OR

"Thanks for the quick turn around time on these!  You can see by our bind requests to GUS that it makes a difference getting these turned around so quickly!"
M.K., Everett, WA

"Working with you is the brightest part of my day. You are my sunshine!"
S.A.,  Renton, WA

"Wow!  I am impressed.......you are fast!"
L.D., Kennewick, WA

P.O. Box 3867
Bellevue, WA 98009
P: 800.562.8095
F: 425.453.8696

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